TeX Cloud is an online compiling service provided by vancapy for Tex Touch users.

You can use TeX Cloud to compile files on the go (internet connection required).

TeX Cloud uses a full TeX life 2010 installation.

Every compiling process performs pdflatex, bibtex, pdflatex, pdflatex. So you can use bib/style/ etc files.

Your data is transfered via an encrypted connection.

How does it work (and setup)

1. Sign in using the “TeX Cloud Setup” feature.
>> You don’t have to take your Dropbox login data.

2. Upload all the files you need with the “TeX Cloud Upload” feature in the main menu.
>> Please note: This is for upload only. No compiling will take place this way!
>> It is just for getting your bib, style, image, etc files into place

3. Open your file (edit mode). Tap TeX (in fact: tap “TeX” once in the top right corner and then again in the top left corner).

4. You can change the compiling method in the General Settings (either Dropbox or TeX Cloud).