Your computer needs to be running for this solution. You need to have a script or a “auto compiler” that compiles every changed file in your working folder.
Please note that the compiling takes place on your computer. Unless you set up Tex Timer (or something similar) you won’t be able to compile your code.


UPADTE: If you encounter problems with the Mac version of Tex Timer you should try LaTeXMe. You can find it here:
External Link
Identical version on this webiste: here

Please not that Tex Timer will stay a while in beta state because it has to work in very different system configurations (unlike Tex Touch that just needs to run on the iPad).

New in version 0.4: Custom parameters. Option to compile twice. Support for 10.5

If you still encounter problems, please mail me!


Some people told me that they had problems with the compile path. Please try


The choose key is a good why to select the right path (as it will resolve aliases)!


Terms of use/license: You use these programs at your own risk! They come with no warranty whatsoever.
You are not allowed redistribute these app (you may link to this website, not to the files directly!).
You are responsible for backing up your data!

Do not download or use without agreeing to theses terms of use!
By downloading you agree to the terms above!

These programs are in beta. Feedback is welcome: support@vancapy.com

Tex Timer download:
for Mac OSX (10.5 or later required)
for Windows (requires .net 4.0 client stuff, free download)