Tex Touch 2 Announcement: Later this year

We are very happy and excited to announce Tex Touch 2, the long overdue new version of Tex Touch.

Here are a few of the new features:

Golden Ticket System

Golden Ticket System is a new way for theaters to sell there their tickets online.

Visit the website

On this website you can find information about our apps.

Mind Concept

Mind Concept an easy to use tool for rapid creation of complex mind maps:

Brainstorming, planning, organizing, creating concepts.

No matter whether you are preparing for an exam, organizing a wedding or planning a software project, Mind Concept lets you illustrate your ideas and their relationships clearly.

Unlike many other mind mapping apps, Mind Concept allows you to create cross-connections between nodes.

Mind Concept on the App Store (iPad)

Tex Touch

Tex Touch is a LaTeX code editor! Create, import, export or mail your LaTeX documents! Edit them on the go using a stunning user interface that lets you enter and navigate code at top speed!

More information and help

Tex Touch on the App Store (iPad)

Tex Touch on the App Store (iPhone, iPod touch)


iWrite is a word processor.

Apart from the common features such as headings, formatting (bold, italic, etc.), tables, lists, etc. iWrite provides the possibility of using complex mathematical formulas and symbols such as integrals, fractions, matrices, special characters (Greek alphabet, mathematical symbols, etc.) and many more.

iWrite is based on the LaTeX-typesetting system. While editing you see an instant preview instead of complicated "code".

iWrite on the App Store (iPhone, iPod touch)

Hot Buttons

Ever felt the need for an fitting sound to highlight funny situations? Hot Buttons delivers!

Hot Buttons provides funny, dramatic or evil sounds for every situation! Just push the red button!

Including screams, laughter, quiz effects and many more...

Hot Buttons on the App Store (iPhone, iPod touch)


Train your brain!

This challenging maths app trains your mental arithmetic abilities whatever your standard!

If you like puzzles, IQ tests, quiz games Mathematicus is your way to go!

Whether you are a student or just want to train your mental arithmetics you will find Mathematicus both fun and effective!

Mathematicus on the App Store (iPhone, iPod touch)

Hexa Puzzle

Pown the honeycomb!

Hexa Puzzle is a fun puzzle game!

The object is simple: Cover the given hexagon pattern with the given puzzle pieces! Be faster to get more bonus points!

Solve puzzles in row in under a limit of time to earn achievements and even more points!

Hexa Puzzle on the App Store (iPhone, iPod touch)

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